The National Speakers Association New York Chapter represents an incredible and diverse group of supportive individuals. As members of the National Speakers Association, we elevate excellence, share expertise, and challenge one another to improve. We stand with you as you build your business and become a better speaker.

When you become a member our chapter you join a community of new subject matter experts to extremely experienced keynote speakers running highly successful/profitable full-time speaking businesses.

As a member of our chapter, you can attend in-person chapter meetings every month at no additional cost, meet worldwide speakers, participate in virtual masterclasses, and mastermind meetings, and receive guidance in how to:

– Build a profitable speaking business
– Leverage your expertise and become known as an in-demand keynote speaker
– Translate your speaking skills to virtual events or deliver in-depth training sessions
– Run a business when you are the product
– Get your message across in the most effective way
– Capture and keep an audience’s attention
– Speak so your audience wants more

Speaking can be a lonely business, but you don’t have to go it alone. We are here to help. The NSA NYC chapter is here for every professional and non-professional speaker. We provide a community where you can share best practices, learn from each other and be part of a group that addresses your specific challenges.

If you’re just starting, great… you will learn SO much about how to become a great speaker and how to run a successful speaking business. If you’re experienced, great… you will learn how to upgrade your skills, expand your network, and get the insider information you need from some of the most successful speakers in the industry.


NYC Summer Social - Photos by John DeMato