Why join the NSA NYC chapter?

The National Speakers Association New York City Chapter represents an incredible and diverse group that ranges from brand new subject matter experts to extremely experienced keynote speakers that have been running highly paid speaking businesses for years.

When you’re starting out at speaking and even when you have been at it for a while, it can be a tough industry to be in. You probably have some questions on how you can:

– Get your message across in the most effective way
– Capture and keep an audience’s attention
– Speak so your audience wants more
– Build a profitable speaking business
– Leverage your expertise and become known as an in-demand keynote speaker
– Translate your speaking skills to virtual events or deliver in-depth training sessions
– Run a business when you are the product

In the NSA NYC chapter, you will find many of these questions answered. They are answered by the incredibly warm and welcoming community that greets you at every chapter meeting. They are answered by the phenomenal masterclasses and monthly in-person sessions from renowned experts in different areas of speaking and the speaking profession. They are answered by the roundtables, special events (including a holiday party in December and an annual luncheon in June) and so many other incredible events hosted by the NYC chapter.

Going it alone as a speaker is tough. The NSA NYC chapter exists to be there for every professional and wannabe professional speaker to provide a community where you can share best practices, learn from each other and be part of a group that addresses your specific challenges in building your speaking practice. If you’re starting, great… you will learn SO much about how to become a great speaker and how to run a successful speaking business. If you’re experienced, great… you will learn from your peers and from the most successful speakers in the industry so you can upgrade your skills, your network and have the insider information you need to become even better year on year.