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Being a professional speaker is hard. It’s lonely, scary, and at times it can feel like you are the only one who has ever had this idea, let alone done anything about it.

You are not alone! There are people out there just like you; other speakers who have faced similar problems along their journey to success in business.

The NSA NYC Agility Mastermind Retreat brings together a group of eight successful speakers for a 4-Day Mastermind Retreat to create an environment where they can connect with each other on a deeper level and brainstorm ways that will help them move forward with their businesses.

By attending this Mastermind Retreat, you will be able to gain valuable insights into how others have handled similar situations as well as receive support from those around you so that you may reach new levels of success within your own ventures. This Mastermind Retreat focuses on the BUSINESS of speaking (and not stage performance.)

More information on the 2022/2023 Mastermind coming soon.