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Key Takeaways from March’s Chapter Event

Some speakers educate us on the finer details of the speaking business.  Some speakers entertain us with their storytelling and mastery of their subject matter.  A gifted few speakers know how to do both so seamlessly that you aren’t sure whether you are being entertained or educated. If you missed our March 8 NSA NYC chapter meeting, well then you truly missed out on some of the finest “edutainers” in the business.

Key Takeaways from January’s Chapter Event

January started out on a high note with an information packed day for speakers to grow their businesses.

President, Sylvie DiGuisto kicked off the first meeting of the year at Serendipity Labs, a new co-working space with large rooms and easy networking. As a bonus, Serendipity Labs offered all our members a free one week pass to try out this space.

December Chapter Newsletter – Inside Monthly Loop

As we near the end of 2018, many of us are reflecting back on the year we have had together at our chapter. As someone who has the honor to serve as your President during this time, I am incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished and know it could not have been done without the effort and work of so many dedicated volunteers. I will never truly be able to thank them all enough, but wanted to take a few moments to thank…

Key Takeaways from November’s Chapter Event

Do you attend NSA NYC meetings with your “rose-colored glasses” officially on? I do.

I am always upbeat and optimistic about who I am about to meet and what I am about to learn.

Our November meeting was especially “Rosy” thanks to the agenda and NSA NYC’s President Sylvie di Giusto ’s snappy rose-colored suit!

November Chapter Newsletter – Monthly Inside Loop

Dear Friends of NSA NYC,

Stepping out of our comfort zone is something we often ask our audience members to do. It sounds powerful, promising and filled with potential, right? But how about ourselves? Are you willing to feel uncomfortable, curious, uncertain or excited because trying something new? The members of our community certainly do. They have already experienced many changes throughout the past months, and they “went along for the ride with us.” And there is more to come:

Key Takeaways from October’s Chapter Event

Just when you think you know it all, you get presented with a fresh new take and suddenly you can see things in a whole new light.

The change to cool, crisp weather for the October NSA NY Chapter meeting foreshadowed more than just a change from summer to fall. If you weren’t one of the 84 who attended this meeting, you missed out on some incredible presentations that contained cool new perspectives as well.

October Chapter Newsletter – Monthly Inside Loop

Dear Friends of NSA NYC,

Every speaker I know wants “change.” Some so badly– they even speak about it.

For many people change comes with fear and uncertainty. However, this doesn’t seem to be true for our community. I’m proud and grateful for the many messages, e-mails, phone calls, and personal feedback during the last weeks from members and guests who have shared their excitement about the many new initiatives the Board of Directors brought to life this year.