Author’s Roundtable – Hosted by Ralph Peterson

The Author’s Round Table is a monthly meeting for NSA NYC authors and aspiring authors. The Author’s Round Table is a place for experienced authors, new authors and aspiring authors to share ideas, strategies and tips on writing, publishing, and marketing. If you ever wanted to learn how to write a book and or, use your book to get more speaking gigs, then this group is for you.

This is a monthly benefit of your NSA NYC Membership

Ralph Peterson

Your Host

About Ralph Peterson

Caught plagiarizing a Ranger Rick magazine when he was eight years old, Ralph Peterson shocked everyone when the story he was made to write about the lessons he learned from the ordeal, was better than the story he copied.

“It seems funny now,” he says, “but I didn’t know I could write my own stories. I didn’t know I was allowed to make them up… to lie.”

Today, Ralph has written four books, The Good Manager: Being Great Is Overrated! (2020), Managing When No One Wants to Work: Leadership Lessons from an Executive Housekeeper Second Edition, (2019) Congratulations! Now Get Over Yourself: Confessions of a Management Development Coach, (2018) and Adventures in Dietland: How to Win at the Game of Dieting from a Former Fat Guy, (2017).

Ralph is a keynote speaker, a highly sought-after management development coach, and an internationally syndicated columnist.

For more information about Ralph, visit his website.