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Would you like to become part of our NSA NYC family and may not qualify as a Professional member?

Then NSA NYC is the place for you! Becoming a Chapter Associate is easy. In fact, you can do it right now! In addition to aspiring speakers, many of our Chapter Associates are consultants, business coaches, life coaches, in-house trainers, facilitators, published authors, and other experts and thought leaders who are adding professional speaking as a service in their thriving business.

We invite you to become part of our great community.

All of our members and associates subscribe to the NSA Code of Ethics and the guidelines noted in our Chapter By-laws. Participation as a Chapter Associate is available for three (3) years.



Professional Members Chapter Associates Guests
Annual Subscription Cost (paid monthly via autopayment) $85/mo.
(requires NSA National membership – $570 initial investment with a $495 annual renewal)
(does not require NSA National membership)
Initiation Fee (for new or lapsed members/associates) $100 $100
Monthly Meetings, Summer Social, Holiday Celebration & Luncheon INCLUDED IN SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED IN SUBSCRIPTION $110 per meeting
Holiday celebration AND Luncheon (by invitation ONLY – PRICE TBD)
Mastery Classes INCLUDED IN SUBSCRIPTION $40 per class
(or $297 for 9-class package)
$50 per class
(or $377 for 9-class package)
Virtual Summit INCLUDED IN SUBSCRIPTION $97 $127
Eligible for Annual Awards ALL SELECT
Eligible to present “Member Insights” at Chapter Meeting YES
Eligible to purchase ELEVATE Business Growth Masterminds YES
Speaker Listing on chapter website YES
Showcased as feature member on chapter website ELIGIBLE
Promotion of your profile via e-mail & social media ELIGIBLE
Board of Directors member ELIGIBLE
NSA National Benefits – such as discounts on National conferences and events, access to health and liability insurance plans, discounted Zoom pricing, Speaker Magazine Subscription, free e-speakers account, and access to the NSA Digital Vault YES


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    We got the answers.

    I have attended Toastmasters. How is that different from NSA and your chapter ?

    Toastmasters does a superb job helping people develop and fine-tune their communication, leadership, and presentation skills. National Speakers Association is an organization of and for those who speak professionally.

    Do I have to be a professional member of NSA to join your chapter ?

    No. At the NSA NYC chapter, we have an Associate level membership available for those who are not professional members of NSA. If you are a member of NSA you are eligible to be a professional member with added member benefits. Anyone may attend at a guest rate to many of our events.

    I am not sure a NSA NYC membership is right for me ? How can I learn more about the chapter ?

    Come to one of our meetings, meet our members and see for yourself all the benefits of membership. We welcome non-members to our meetings and host an information session at the end of the main meeting.

    Does your chapter have programs for beginner and established speakers?

    Yes. Our Speaker University program offers a curriculum for those newer to the speaking profession, and many of our events offer high level industry expert information.

    Does speaking professionally mean giving keynote addresses to large audiences?

    For some speakers giving keynotes is an important part of their business model. However, many of our members present workshops and seminars, and do quite well, but do not deliver many keynotes at all.

    I would like to speak professionally. Will NSA NYC teach me how to get paid to speak?

    NSA NYC will help you learn how to expand your opportunities and manage the profession of speaking. Some of our programs each year do address marketing. The target audience of NSA NYC, however, are those who are already being paid – at least some of the time – to speak.

    What is a professional membership in NSA NYC?

    To become a Professional member of NSA NYC, one must also be a member of National NSA. There are minimum requirements for National membership that
    are detailed here.

    We strongly encourage those who are eligible to join National NSA since there are certain benefits, both on the National and chapter level, which can be quite valuable.

    NSA-NYC welcomes all attendees to its meetings as guests. We also have a chapter associate membership available for those not yet members of the national NSA. Many who are not yet eligible to become professional members find that attending local meetings and presentations help them become more competitive and fine-tune their current or future business model as a speaker.

    I do a lot of training, workshops, seminars as part of my work. But I don’t define myself as a speaker. Is NSA NYC for me?

    You would be in good company. Most speakers start with some sort of expertise but realize that their professionalism requires continued attention to their presentation styles and changing business models.

    I am a very experienced speaker. Will I find myself surrounded by people just starting out? Or, I am a very inexperienced speaker. Will I find myself over my head?

    There is a mixed group of attendees at every meeting — some very well known, accomplished, long time speakers and others who are new in their professional speaking career. The content of each meeting is geared toward professionals but most of our presenters are quite accomplished in modeling how to address multiple experience levels at one time. There is also ample networking time built into each meeting.

    Are you a speakers bureau? Will you get me speaking engagements?

    No, we are not a speakers bureau. However, with your involvement in our association, you will meet plenty other speakers who could possibly recommend you for a speaking engagement, or connect you with speakers bureaus.

    Can your chapter help me qualify for a national membership into NSA?

    Yes.  Our Speaker University program is designed to support your development to qualify for national membership through the curriculum and mentoring.

    Where can I learn more about qualifying for national membership into NSA?

    Visit or call 480.968.2552 to speak with one of the excellent staff at the national headquarters of NSA.

    Can I join your meetings if I am member of another NSA chapter?

    We love to welcome chapter members from across the country and international speaking association members.  Please let us know in advance you will be attending so we can officially welcome you.

    Where and when do you meet?

    Our meetings are scheduled once a month on a Friday afternoon, September through June in Midtown Manhattan. We host evening events many times throughout the year. We also host social events including a summer social in August, a holiday party in December and an end of year luncheon and award ceremony in June. See our calendar for full event listings and registration.

    What happens at a chapter meeting?

    Our monthly chapter meetings typically take place on a Friday each month. Professional speakers with real-world experience share their useful information with us to enhance our practical knowledge of the speaking business. The typical agenda includes time for networking, an industry expert speaker and Q&A, chapter information, upcoming member opportunities, and member updates. After the main meeting we host a VIP session for first time attendees to learn more about joining the NSANYC chapter.

    What happens at a master class?

    One of our member benefits is the opportunity to attend small group workshop style events called masterclasses. Registration is limited to a small number
    of professional members who learn in an interactive environment on a specific aspect of the speaking business. These sessions are generally sold-out and in high demand.

    What are Advanced Member Mastermind Groups?

    Advanced Member Mastermind Groups are informal communities within our chapter, to encourage speakers of similar styles to connect and network. These niche groups meet casually throughout the year. Mastermind groups can be a more formal group of like-minded speakers who meet regularly to support each other to grow their businesses.

    What are pop-up Meetings?

    New York is a hub for excellence, and many of our national and international speaking colleagues visit for business and pleasure. When this happens, a Pop-Up Meeting is scheduled to create a casual gathering for visiting speakers and members to connect.

    How do I make a recommendation for a future program or speaker?

    Use the event proposal form on our website. We book our speakers over a year in advance, but we welcome your suggestions to bring the very best to our meetings.

    Who can I talk to about serving as a volunteer or board member?

    We would love you to be involved.  This can begin with a small task and grow to a number of leadership opportunities.  Contact any of our Board Members or the Immediate Past President who is the chair of the Nominating Committee for the next years board.

    Can’t I just come to a meeting? Without being a member?

    Absolutely.  You are able to register as a guest for many of our events.