Dear Friends of NSA NYC,

As we near the end of 2018, many of us are reflecting back on the year we have had together at our chapter. As someone who has the honor to serve as your President during this time, I am incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished and know it could not have been done without the effort and work of so many dedicated volunteers. I will never truly be able to thank them all enough, but wanted to take a few moments to thank…

… the Board of Directors. During this year of “Excellence”, they have been challenged with monitoring, reviewing and reevaluating every single expense while developing new, innovative, member-focused and high-priced revenue sources. When presenting these new initiatives or programs, each of them had to answer two questions: Does it make our chapter more profitable? And, does it make our members more profitable? Only if the answer was “yes” to both questions, we went into execution mode in order to help the chapter achieve this year’s three strategic goals:

  • Reaching Financial Stability
  • Adding new Member Benefits
  • Enhancing Member & Guest Experience

December marks the half-time of their year of service, and I’m really proud to report that in all three areas we have already reached our end-of-the-year KPIs, which happened mostly due to the effort and time these board members invested during the past six months to make this chapter and your experience exceptional.

Not to forget the many volunteers working behind the scenes that are truly the unsung heroes of our association in general, and our chapter in New York City. I promise you though, we see you. I see you! The compassion you show to the members and guests we serve is an inspiration for all of us.

Plus, dozens of speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to come to our chapter, in person or virtually, and provide us with their wealth of knowledge to help us improve everything we do.

We are incredibly grateful for our sponsors: The C-Suite NetworkDeMato ProductionsFortis Lux and KnowledgeLink. Your support is not something we take lightly and is very much appreciated by everyone connected to this chapter and association.

Personally, I’d also like to thank NSA CEO Mary Lue Peck  for her leadership and the entire team of NSA headquarters or their passion and dedication in helping us lead the 34 chapters of our association. The recent transformation on the national level and your guidance make this journey enjoyable and fun for all of us.

Because of the generosity of dozens of supporters who either donated their services and products to our annual auction or who bid on the items during our Holiday party, we were able to raise $ 26,250 for our chapter. You have done more than you know for this organization and our members and we thank you for everything you have provided.

Last but not least, thank you to all the members of our community who put their trust in our chapter and my leadership. Our chapter wouldn’t exist without the support and dedication of YOU. From providing the funds necessary to develop programs, to the feedback on our initiatives, to raising your hand when asked for help, and the participation in our events, every member contributed something to the success of this chapter this year. Thank you.

Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season and a healthy and happy new year.

   In Service,
   Sylvie di Giusto, CSP 
President NSA NYC


Thank you to everyone who participated in our NSA NYC Auction!


★ Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer 

Congratulations to our member Cathy Dolan Schweitzer who is celebrating the release of her new book “Health Well Done: A People-Centered Management Approach To Building Healthcare Environments”. For 14+ years, Health Well Done founder and president, Cathy, has led project teams to success. Now, in her new book, Health Well Done: The People-Centered Management Approach to Building Healthcare Environments, she shares her insights, experiences, and practical advice on effectively planning and building quality patient-centered healthcare environments that address the needs of all stakeholders—patients, families, and the professionals who care for them. Order your copy today.

Learn more about Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer:

Bestseller TV

★ Jeanne M. Stafford ★ 

Are you stuck? Are you unable to find fulfillment or happiness in your everyday life? Are you feeling overwhelmed by decisions and expectations? If your answer is “YES!” to any of these questions, you’ll be excited about Jeanne M. Stafford’s newest book release: “Think. Drink. Eat. Move: 4 Steps to YES” Jeanne conquered her doubts, fears, and paralysis herself with a method that’s both powerful and simple—as simple, in fact, as getting out of bed in the morning. For two decades, Jeanne has shared her vision with clients ranging from CEOs and generals to entrepreneurs and parents. And they all credit Jeanne with helping turn their lives around. This remarkable little book might be the perfect gift for someone you care about—including yourself.

Learn more about Jeanne M. Stafford:




You want to do something for your clients and you don’t have much time left or don’t want to break the bank? Here are some easy, yet meaningful ideas to help you be memorable.

A Simple Card. Yes, a handwritten, personalized card will not miss the mark if the purpose is to communicate your appreciation for your client. Services or Apps like FeltPostable, or Handwryttencan even take care of the “handwritten” part.

A Custom Video. How about a short, personalized video message about how you value your client and what you are looking forward to during the upcoming year? Video e-mail Apps like CoVideo or BombBomb can help you with that.

A signed business book. And to your surprise—not yours. Instead, choose a book about a topic you or your client is passionate about. Purchase it and in the best case inscribe it with your words of appreciation. A great source for business books? I’m glad you asked. How about our chapter’s bookstore?

Find a local gift: While your gift might not be delivered on time from your location, it possibly can in their hometown. Plus, your client will recognize the effort you invested in researching a coffee shop, bakery or restaurant in their local neighborhood.

Make them a lucky winner. Maybe. Send your client a lottery ticket and they may start the new year as a lucky winner.

Make a donation: Giving back is a great way for you to honor your clients. If you are aware of a charity or organization that is meaningful to them, make a donation in their name. It’s the perfect last minute gift idea.


Bizzabo, a New York City and Tel Aviv based event technology company, recently released the results of their first “Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events Report.” Over five years, they analyzed events with more than 60,000 event speakers in 23 countries and discovered that female representation has barely improved during the past three years. 68 percent of all event speakers in 2018 are still male. While the USA is below average with 65 percent male speakers, it’s far from where it could be. The country with the highest number of female speakers was Kenya, at 42 percent versus 58 percent.

Find out more about the study on their blog: Bizzabo Blog