Jen Slaw is a dynamic, engaging TEDx speaker, former structural engineer, world-record-holding juggler & Off-Broadway performer.

This amazing woman presents a new paradigm for leveraging the power of practice & process AND staying flexible in the face of change.

Jen Slaw redefines what is possible and offers continuous improvement and performance innovation for leaders and teams.

Jen aims to amaze, engage, inspire and motivate her audiences to generate positive change for themselves, their organizations, and their communities.

Jen’s goal is to encourage and equip her audience with tools to find and embrace their own unique path, develop dreams into reality, and as a result, become more happy, productive, motivated, creative problem solvers and effective collaborators.

Jen Slaw serves as the Executive Director of Juggling Life, Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to engage, inspire, and emotionally heal ill and disadvantaged children through interactive juggling workshops and shows. Young volunteers are trained in circus arts as a tool to connect with and give back to those in need in their communities.

Jen Slaw is on Excellence Personified.

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