NSA NYC Masterclasses - 2021/2022 "What You Need to Know"

"What You Need to Know" Speaking Masterclasses

The ‘What You Need to Know’ Speaking Masterclasses are intensive, insight-packed virtual sessions designed to help you upgrade your speaking skills, speaker business skills, and master your marketing.

Through interviews and workshopping sessions with international experts on different topics relevant to you, you will learn what makes great speakers great and what makes great speaking businesses highly profitable.

From mindset to advanced speaking skills; marketing and branding strategies to mastering engagement… each month you will get the chance to build extensive knowledge into what you need to know. This year our masterclasses are focusing on the insight, tools, and practical steps you need to stay current and harness your speaker business because a speaking business is not just about speaking on a stage, it’s speaking at many different stages.

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Just some of the incredible sessions coming soon include:


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November - Building Corporate Training

With Margaret Considine (& Owen Fitzpatrick)
Monday 22nd November 12pm EASTERN

In this powerful session, you will learn from internationally renowned corporate trainer Margaret Considine. Margaret has been hired in multiple continents as a consultant and trainer. She has been hired to advise on high-stakes negotiations where hundreds of millions are at play. You will discover some of the key elements of corporate training and consulting and how it works. You will discover how to pivot from keynote speaking into delivering various types of training for your clients. We will explore how you structure such a business, how you price it, how you negotiate the very best deals.

You will learn:

– How to turn your keynote into a corporate training

– The core elements of every effective corporate training

– Essential ingredients of business proposals

– How to build brilliant breakouts

– The key differences between speeches and training

– How to price your offerings

– Secrets to negotiating the very best deals possible

– Secrets to building long-lasting business relationships

– The art and science of consulting

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December - Marketing Yourself as a Speaker

With J.J. Peterson (& Owen Fitzpatrick)
Monday 13th December 12pm EASTERN

In this transformational session, you will learn from the co-author of Marketing made simple and chief of teaching and facilitation of Storybrand, J.J. Peterson, about how you can market yourself and your speaking business to the world much more successfully. The storybrand framework is one of the most popular and groundbreaking marketing approaches in the business world today. You will discover how it works and how to specifically apply it to positioning yourself and promoting yourself as a highly valued expert and keynote speaker. 

You will learn:

– The neuroscience behind marketing through story

– The most important elements you need on your speaker website

– The key ingredients of the story brand framework 

– How to use the power of story to market yourself online as a speaker

– The 2 core qualities you need to have to appeal to your market

– How to nurture and sell to your audience as a speaker

– The secrets to building a powerful sales funnel as a speaker

Previous 2021/22 Sessions

September - The Mindset of World Class Speakers

With Tom Ziglar (& Owen Fitzpatrick)
Monday 20th September 12pm Eastern

In this first masterclass, we will talk with Tom Ziglar, proud son of Zig Ziglar. You will learn more about how to think about the speaking industry and the challenges it faces moving forward. You will discover some of the most important mindset lessons that Tom has learned from his father, Zig Ziglar, one of the best speakers to ever do it. You will also become aware of practical and immediately implementable steps that you can take to bounce back from the setbacks recent times have delivered and move forward to reach your potential as a world-class speaker.

You will learn how to:

– Make the core mindset shifts that will help you choose to win as Tom would say

– Build and grow your speaking business by learning best practices that work

– Develop the mindset of some of the most successful speakers on the planet

– Triumph over adversity by handling disruptive times

– Speak in a more motivating and inspiring way

– Raise your standards and practice the habits of world-class speakers.

October - Finding your Silver Bullet

With Neil Gordon (& Owen Fitzpatrick)
Monday 18th October 12pm EASTERN

In this session, you will learn from Neil Gordon, creator of the Silver Bullet Method, the key components of what people need to know about you when you speak to them for the very first time. From networking events to your website, the content you create, and even your keynotes, having a specific way of describing what makes you different is of huge importance to us all. I’ll be asking Neil specific questions on how to improve the way we talk about ourselves so we can immediately position ourselves in meeting planners, executives, and audience’s minds in such a way that makes them want to work with us.

You will learn how to:

– Create your own Silver Bullet and communicate it clearly

– Stand out in your industry more easily

– Make yourself more memorable upon meeting others

– Engage audiences more effectively through your story and introduction

– Discover your core marketing message and how to get it across

– Know what TEDx talk you should give… whenever the time comes