NSA NYC Master Classes – Members Only

This Mastery Class program is for speakers, who know that they can be better, do better and speak better. Ok to be honest – that is all of us because as speakers, our job is to continue to better create change for our audiences through insight and impact. What will help you do that?

That is what our Master Class program is all about. 9 classes to help you be a better speaker.


Because learning, growing and sharing our wisdom is what we do as speakers for our audiences so let’s do it for ourselves too.


A 9-session program for up-leveling: clarifying your message, elevating your performance and growing your speaking business.


Monthly 90 minutes virtual sessions with speakers, teachers and coaches, who are helping speakers level up, get better and grow stronger.


You are already speaking, but are you a speaker? Or maybe you are a speaker and you know that the next stage is bigger, -and you want to get on it. Or maybe something is just not quite right, because you are trying to do it all on your own, instead of asking for help or working with mentors. Bottom line, if you are serious about being a great speaker and you are looking at your future you, wondering how you got there…. well that future you probably attended this NSA NYC Mastery Class Program.

Nine Classes, Divided into Three Categories

Dates: Mondays (mostly)  12 noon -1.30 pm

All classes will be recorded so you can keep learning even if you cannot be there virtually.

Normally each class is $40 BUT, you can get the whole program for only $250 if you purchase it now through September 9th.


REFINE – 3 classes that focus on your developing and clarifying your message and your marketing with: 

  1.  An Idea Is Only As Strong As You Make It with Tamsen Webster, The Idea Whisperer and Founder of The Red Thread – September 9, 2019
  2. The NEW Rules of Audience Engagement will make your message matter to your audience in new and more powerful ways” with Chris Westfall, Keynote Speaker, Author and US Pitch Champion – October 21, 2019
  3. How to Grow Your Speaking Business with Videos with Antoine DuPont – November 18, 2019

PERFECT – 3 classes that help you up level your performance:

  1. How to Fuel your Message with Stories and Humor that Makes People Listen, Learn… and Change with Drew Tarwin –  January 13, 2020
  2. Finding Your Whole Voice  with D’Arcy Webb –  February 11, 2020
  3. The Power of Choreographing Your Performance with Chloe DiVita  – March 16, 2020

GROW – 3 classes the show you how to build a better speaking business :

  1. How to build a growing and sustainable customer relationship with Joey Coleman – April 2020
  2. How to Have the “Off Stage” Conversations to Get You “On Stage” with Phil Jones – May 2020
  3. Thinking like a Fan, How to Create Social Presences that Speaks About You. with Brian Fanzo – June 15, 2020