Anne Therese Gennari

Anne Therese Gennari
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Anne Therese Gennari

The Climate Optimist
Location: New York
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Changing the narrative on climate change so that we can act from courage and excitement, not fear. As a climate optimist, I inspire people to step out of denial and into empowered action.

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A passionate (and optimistic) environmental activist and a Swedish native in New York, I help shift the narrative around climate change so that we can act from courage and excitement, not fear.

I believe that everyday activism has the ability to not just change the world, but lives, families, and organizations. It’s an act of healing and self-empowerment that opens up for curiosity and solutions-thinking; a driver for positive change, innovation, and growth.

Learn more about my work:

As the founder of Role Models Management - the world's first ethical modeling agency - and the host of Hey Change Podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to speak at events in New York, San Francisco, and LA. Since COVID, I've also hosted virtual classes for students, youth groups, companies, and everyday activists, including events with the UN, Project Drawdown, and Unicef.

My message of climate optimism is not about taking a step back and hoping for the best to happen. It’s about diving into awareness - no matter how difficult or painful - to choose a path of resilience, action, and hope.

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