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Beatrice Weber

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
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Inspiring others to Live Fearlessly

Growing up, everything was decided for me.

What I would wear.
Where I would work.
And, eventually, who I would marry.

At the age of 18, I was married off to a Rabbi in my Hasidic community. I had never even finished high school.

For years, I was a perfect submissive wife. I dressed modestly, even shaving all the hair from my head.

For over two decades, I was stuck. I was literally living imprisoned in my own life.

When I finally escaped my marriage with my four youngest children in the middle of the night, I faced severe opposition from my family and the community.

While leaving for a new city and life was a huge victory for me, it was also the start of a battle. I had to fight for custody of my youngest children.

Watching my ex-husband and family members criticize my choices and my sanity hurt me to my core.

Not only had life as I had known it ended abruptly, my very self-identity was attacked.

What if I actually was mentally unstable, as my attackers claimed?

What if I had no right to question my role in my family?

What if it was greedy and ungrateful to crave the freedom I so desired?

Who was I to dream bigger?

That anxious doubt haunted me until I learned that the secret to fulfillment rested not in striving harder or doing more, but in unleashing the inner **Warrior Woman** that had always waited within me, by releasing my

->people pleasing
->poverty mindset.

By tapping into my own


I was able to step into a life of **Fearless Fulfillment**

Now I lead YAFFED, an organization that advocates for a secular education for Hasidic children, and am a published author and a speaker supporting women to Fearless Fulfillment through the Warrior Woman Unleashed Method so they too can speak out with confidence in all areas of life.

Are you looking for a Keynote speaker to inspire your employees to Live Fearlessly in every aspect of their lives?

Do you want your group of entrepreneurs/business owners to be inspired to make powerful choices for themselves?

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your students to reach for their goals and overcome obstacles?

Reach out to me and learn more about hiring me for your business association, Synagogue, religious group, or Company/B2B Event.

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► LIVE FEARLESSLY ► TEdx Speaker | Published Author | Former Hasidic Rebitzen | Mom of 10 | Interfaith Minister ► Executive Director YAFFED

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