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CarrieVee (Verrocchio)

Bella Vita, LLC Website URL
Location: Binghamton, NY
Expert On

+Team Building
+DISC Strategic Strengths and Personality Assessments (Certified Consultant)
+Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Executive Speaker, Coach, Trainer

Experience In

+Professional Speaking/Keynote Speeches
+Consulting and Training for Individuals, Teams, Leaders, C-Suite
+Breakout Sessions/Workshops
+Motivational Speeches
+Transformation and Executive Coaching

Speaking Topics Include:
✅The Power of Choice
✅Productivity and Leadership
✅Leadership and CLARITY (Clear Space, Lean in, Ask, Recognize Resistance, Imagine, TakeAction, Yourself)
✅What They Aren't Telling You About Women in Leadership
✅Becoming Versus Doing (Your Checklist is Your Enemy)
✅The Secret to Success (It Isn't What You Think)
✅Effective Communication
✅Turning Your Setback into a Step Up

Consulting and Coaching Programs Include:
✅The Radical Empowerment Method
✅Life is Short. Choose Wisely (R)
✅Effective Communication
✅The Power of Choice
✅Productivity and Leadership
✅Leadership and CLARITY (Clear Space, Lean in, Ask, Recognize Resistance, Imagine, TakeAction, Yourself)
✅What They Aren't Telling You About Women in Leadership
✅Fearless Forgiveness
✅Unlimited Gratitude
✅The Success Initiative (Overcoming Self-Sabotage)
✅Eliminate the Procrastinate


I recentlyhired Carrie Verrocchio to facilitate a day of team building for our staffat the YWCA, and I must say, she was absolutely amazing. Carrie’s expertise in fostering connections and building strong teams was evident throughout the entire workshop.

One of the things that stood out to me was Carrie’s ability to create a comfortable and inclusive environment. She started theworkshop by facilitating icebreaker activities that helped us get to know each other on a personal level. Her warm and friendly approach encouraged everyone to open up and share their experiences, which immediately helped to break down any barriers or hesitations among the team members.

Carrie also introduced various team-building exercises that were not only fun but also challenged us to collaborate and communicate effectively. She emphasized the importance of active listening, clear communication, and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through these activities, Carrie skillfully guided us in recognizing the value ofteamwork and how it can enhance our overall performance as an organization

What impressed me the most about Carrie was her ability to tailor the workshop to ourspecific needs. She took the time to understand our organization’s goals and challenges, and then incorporated relevant exercises and discussions into the workshop. This personalized approach made the experience more meaningful and applicable to our day-to-day work at the YWCA.

Carrie’s enthusiasm and passion for team building were contagious. Her energy kept us engaged and motivated throughout the workshop. She effortlessly created an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable participating and contributing their ideas. I appreciated how she ensured that every team member had a voice and encouraged us to embrace diversity and inclusion within our team

Overall, I cannot recommend Carrie Verrocchio enough for any organization looking to enhance teamwork and foster a positive work environment. Her expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for helping teams thrive were evident in every aspect of the workshop. Thanks to Carrie, our staff at the YWCA has grown closer, and we are equipped with valuable team-building skills that will undoubtedly benefit us in the longrun.

Carole Coppens Executive Director

YWCA Binghamton / Broome County



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