Mentorship Program Mentee Application

The NSANYC Mentoring Program is open to all NSANYC members in good standing.
This application helps us match you with the mentor who will most benefit from your background, experience, and preferences. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mentoring Program at

Contact Information

By applying to participate in the NSANYC Mentoring Program, I agree that (i) I will abide by the guidelines on the next page, and (ii) neither NSANYC, NSA, nor NSANYC members participants have any liability for the suggestions and/or advice provided to me during any NSANYC mentoring relationship.

Signature is required.
Guidelines for Mentees
  1. The Mentoring Program will contact you via email to introduce you to your mentor and to confirm your mentoring relationship and pairing.
  2. Initiate contact with your mentor within seven days of your introduction. Note: You are responsible for initiating contact with your mentor and scheduling meetings.
  3. Meet with your mentor either in person or via phone/video a minimum of once every month.
  4. Respond promptly to update requests from the NSANYC Mentoring Program, so that we can help you and your mentor enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership.
  5. If for any reason you need to leave the Mentoring Program or take a break, or if you feel your mentoring partnership is not working, please apprise the Mentoring Program. We will help you adjust your partnership or find you a new mentor, if needed. If you feel your program goals have been accomplished, please thank your mentor, and notify the Mentoring Program that you are moving on.
  • Do be proactive. Your mentor is there to help, but this is your journey.
  • Do think about what it is you want out of the mentoring partnership. Create a list of goals to check off as milestones are passed.
  • Do be mindful of why you’ve sought a mentor and stay focused on your goals.
  • Do treat this as a professional relationship. Treat your mentor and the Mentoring Program volunteers with the same respect you would expect from your work colleagues.
  • Do keep all discussions confidential and the relationship friendly.
  • Do respect your mentor’s time. Attend meetings punctually. Return your mentor’s calls and emails promptly.
  • Do contact a Mentoring Program volunteer if your partnership is unproductive or your mentor becomes unavailable. We’re here to help.
  • Don’t ghost your mentor.
  • Don’t abandon the conversation.
  • Don’t misuse your relationship to simply further your own business interests.
  • Don’t be impatient. If your mentor can’t meet with you on the date you propose, don’t give up; offer alternatives and follow through.
  • Don’t surrender your own judgment or feel obligated to follow advice that does not help your career progress.
  • Don’t stay quiet if something doesn’t make sense. Talk about it with your mentor to get clarity.
  • Don’t forget your job and personal obligations.
  • Don’t wait until a conflict of interest becomes an issue before addressing it.