Mentorship Program Mentor Application

The NSANYC Mentoring Program is open to all NSANYC members in good standing.
This application helps us match you with the mentee who will most benefit from your background, experience, and preferences. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mentoring Program at

Contact Information

By applying to participate in the NSANYC Mentoring Program, I agree that (i) I will abide by the guidelines on the next page, and (ii) neither NSANYC or NSA, nor NSANYC members participants have any liability for the suggestions and/or advice provided to me during any NSANYC mentoring relationship.

Signature is required.
Guidelines for Mentors
  1. A NSANYC Mentoring Partnership Manager (Beatrice or Jan) will contact you to set up an informational interview.
  2. Once your Partnership Manager better understands your strengths and preferences, they will find a mentee that fits you well and introduce you by email to your mentee.
  3. The mentee is responsible for initiating contact with you and scheduling meetings. Within a week of your introduction, your mentee should contact you to arrange the first meeting.
  4. Meet with your mentee in person or via phone/video-chat at least once a month.
  5. Mentoring Partnership Manager will follow up with periodic updates. Please respond within three to five days, so that we can ensure a successful, active pairing.
  6. If you feel the relationship cannot continue (other priorities, the relationship is not working, etc.) please apprise your Mentoring Program Manager so that we can find your mentee another mentor.
  • Remember this is a professional relationship. Be kind and respectful but maintain boundaries.
  • Provide advice and guidance within your area of expertise. If you want support or knowledge from another mentor, feel free to ask your Partnership Manager for a referral.
  • Be proactive.
  • Follow your mentee’s lead regarding the pace and boundaries of your mentoring partnership.
  • Keep all discussions confidential and the relationship friendly.
  • Be patient. Remember both of you are busy.
  • Answer your mentees’ calls and emails promptly.
  • Things can change in a New York minute.
  • If your mentee becomes unavailable, please contact your Partnership Manager to be re-partnered.
  • Collect lessons learned.
  • Don’t forget why you signed up.
  • Remember – you are there to help and be proactive, but it is the mentee’s journey.
  • Don’t be offended if your advice is not always followed. What works for you may not apply to everyone.
  • Don’t pitch your mentee for any type of business. Need a client? Not here…
  • Do not use the mentoring partnership to further your business interests.
  • Don’t wait until a conflict of interest becomes an issue before addressing it.
  • Don’t forget your other obligations.
  • Don’t abruptly break off your partnership; keep the conversation going.
  • Don’t assume your Mentee will automatically get an idea; talk about it openly to work towards clarity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mentoring Program at