In the Loop: The NSA NYC November Chapter Newsletter

Dear Friends of NSA NYC,

Stepping out of our comfort zone is something we often ask our audience members to do. It sounds powerful, promising and filled with potential, right? But how about ourselves? Are you willing to feel uncomfortable, curious, uncertain or excited because trying something new? The members of our community certainly do. They have already experienced many changes throughout the past months, and they “went along for the ride with us.” And there is more to come:

NEW – Annual Auction

Jess Todtfeld, CSP  reached out to countless members within and outside of our community and successfully collected several services and products that they donated to our chapter. Each of them can help you grow your speaking business and as of now, you can start bidding on items online. Grab a deal by supporting our chapter at the same time. Start bidding here.

NEW – Excellence Personified

While many of us are regular guests on podcasts, rarely do we have the opportunity to speak exclusively about our speaking business and what makes us unique as speakers. Lou Diamond  is the host of our new chapter podcast and interviews members on a monthly base. Tune in to the first episode, featuring Ralph Peterson  and learn more about his programs and why you should be ready to perform at any time.

NEW – Virtual Meetup

Would you love to be part of a Mastermind Group? Or just hang out with fellow speakers from time to time? Possibly online? We are excited that Joe Apfelbaum  will be hosting a monthly virtual get together on Zoom, discussing your latest business achievements, failures, learnings and celebrations. It’s a loose yet facilitated format, available for all professional, associate and student members of our community – for FREE. No registration needed, just show up if you have time and join the conversation. Details will be posted in our members-only Facebook group and come via e-mail.

NEW – Coat Drive

As a community, we are responsible for every member who is part of it. However, sometimes we should also take a look outside of our community and see how we can help. Thanks to Renee Rosenberg  we’ll be hosting our first community project in order to support New York Cares Annual Coat Drive and as a chapter perform an “act of warmth”. Bring a coat to the November Meeting, a seemingly small gesture which will have an enormous impact on someone in need.

NEW –Workshop component at Chapter Meeting

Talking about our upcoming November Meeting… I’m incredibly excited that we will have the chance to learn from someone who will yet again help us step out of our comfort zone. First, because she is the only person I know who has a 360-degree view of our industry. Our featured guest speaker, Sarah Michel, CSP  – the ‘Experience Architect’ – is a successful speaker herself, consults global organizations on their conference designs, acts as a meeting planner from time to time and hires speakers for conferences at the same time. Simply said, she has seen it all and will share it with us on Friday. However, seconds, she’ll also help us to make our chapter meeting even more interactive and valuable for our guests. Therefore, bring a transcript or part of your speech. With Sarah’s guidance, you’ll be transitioning it from a probably expert-centered into a participant model.
We have more news and initiatives in store for you. Each of them with a clear focus on how they can help you grow your speaking business and receive the member value that you deserve. With some of them, we’ll continue to step outside of our and your comfort zone. Because, as we’ve learned from Andrew Tarvin  at our very first chapter meeting: In order to grow you must color outside the lines but think inside the box.

  In Service,
  Sylvie di Giusto, CSP 
President NSA NYC


★ Tony Chatman, CSP ★ 

There is no other marketing tool more important to professional speakers than a properly produced speaker demo video. That’s why we all know how exciting it is to publish a new version. One that hooks potential clients from the second they watch it and one that wants them to book you. Congratulations to our corporate relationship expert, Tony Chatman, CSP, to the release of his newest demo video. Tony helps people perform at their best. As a recognized thought leader in the area of human relationships, he instills people with an understanding of the fundamental differences in how people think andact, enabling them to make a real connection with others – whether at work or at home.

Watch the Demo Video

Learn more about Tony Chatman, CSP:
Book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins

★ Ron Karr, CSP ★ 

Another impressive brand makeover is in the making by NSA’s Past President and expert in sales success and business transformation, Ron Karr, CSP. Check out his new speaker demo video, and as we say, “watch (t)his space”, because more exciting things are on the way. Ron has extensive expertise in creating monetization/growth strategies, building award-winning teams, and providing strategic leadership within high-growth companies to global Fortune 500 firms.  As a highly sought-after international speaker, his bold methodologies unite two insights: advanced expertise on the psychology of what drives customer behavior and the importance of Social and Emotional Intelligence when expanding business across new and existing markets.

Watch the Video

Learn more about Ron Karr, CSP:
Book: Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way: The 7 Traits of Great Sellers



Ever heard one of your clients say, “No. Actually, we don’t want you to engage with the audience.” Probably not. Raising hands, cheering loud, clapping enthusiastically, using paper or cards are good options to pull audiences opinions. It’s simply that today’s methods of participant interaction can be a little bit more sophisticated. There are plenty of tools that enable audiences to interact with you, with each other, or with the organizers. Here are a few of them:

MENTIMETER provides many different question/response formats such as multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scale and word clouds, and you can style it with your branding.

ENGAGENOW lets you design more attractive-looking polls and quizzes that empower the audience to interact with you during your presentation.

EVENTSCRIBE allows in addition to regular polling that participants connect with each other on social media and share the notes they annotated on your slides.

GLISSER lets you share your slides to the audience’s mobile devices. In turn, they can like, comment, on or share those slides to their own social networks.

CONFRENCES.IO is a web-based solution, no app to download or software to install; so attendees can start participating in a matter of seconds.

SLIDO offers interactive Q&A, live polls and insights about your audience. Unlike many others you can sign up for single events.

BUZZMASTER comes with real people, journalists or experienced event managers, who sort through the buzz and curate the most interesting comments for you.

POWERVOTE requires that you equip every audience member with an individual voting keypad, which makes the process easier for less tech-savvy audiences.

LOQUIZ lets you set up a variety of games and quizzes like treasure hunts, or using photos or written clues to guide your players.

PARTICIPOL is a PowerPoint add-in which can help you add polls to your PowerPoint slides.  Your audience will be able to respond to polls using your custom polling URL.


Remember, when we all thought e-books are the future and will replace our beloved paperbacks or hardbacks? Well, the current report of the Association of American Publishers shows a different trend. According to them, sales for e-books have decreased by 3.9 percent, while hardback and paperback book sales grew by 6.2 and 2.2. percent. The reason for it might be found in the plus 37.4 percent (!!) of audiobook sales reported during the first 9 months of 2018. Check out the full October report here.