Key Takeaways from our January 2020 Meeting

If you are like most of us in the NSA, you are always seeking to perfect your speech or presentation.  There is always something more you could have added, some feature you could have included, another angle that would have made the audience understand your mastery of the subject a bit more.  Seeking out these presentation enhancements is why you (should) attend monthly NSA meetings (and Influence too).

It isn’t possible to put a value on a new speaking skill or a way to present your topic to a diverse audience.  More on that below…  There is no way to know how much better received your topic might be if it is delivered through the filter of new knowledge gained by attending an NSA-NYC Meeting.  If you decided to not attend 2020’s first meeting last Friday, you have no idea of what you missed!

The meeting, was led by our steady Master-of-Ceremonies, Jeanne Stafford   ( If your presentations lack enthusiasm, you’d be wise to attend a meeting led by Jeanne to see what that looks like in person.

It was also an honor to see a real master of speaking, Dianne Diresta (CSP) ( ), deliver an address titled; Scale or Fail.  Here, Diane shared portions of a presentation she’d seen which provided multiple ways to build your speaking business.  Most of these focused on methods where your speaking expertise can earn you money even when you are not actually performing.  Some of these methods included; Franchising, Sponsorships, On-Line Classes, Licensing, etc.  Connect with Dianne for further follow-up and explanations.

The meeting was anchored by NSA National President Anna Liotta’s ( )   presentation.  Anna is an expert on the different generations (ie. Baby Boomers, Millenials, etc.), that make up our population (and our speaking audiences).  The knowledge she shared here was incredibly useful.  If you’ve been treating your audience as one single demographic you are not understanding how the various generations absorb and process information.  Each generation has its own unique characteristics that affect the way both you and your information are perceived and received (and this can have a big impact on your bookings).

In case you weren’t familiar, here are the 5 generations and the key traits they possess:

  • Traditionalists (born 1927 – 1945): Loyal, Hard Working, Disciplined, Humble
  • Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964): Optimistic, Status Motivated, Competitive, Driven
  • Xers (born 1965 – 1977): Skeptical, Self-Starters, Independent, Blunt
  • Millennials (born 1978 – 1999) Tech Savvy, Entrepreneurial, Collaborative, Realistic
  • Globals (born 2000 – 2016) Inclusive, Tech Dependent, Gender Neutral, Cause Driven

President Jay “Townsend’s Tale” ( ) this month was a eulogy dedicated to longtime NSA member Robert Gedaliah who passed away in November.

Don’t end up with the same post-meeting regret in February as we are in for another great performance with Master Storyteller Kelly Swanson ( on the 2/7/20.

See you then….

Glenn Rudin  
Owner –  Always Been Creative
Sales & Marketing Consultant