In the Loop – the October NSA NYC Chapter Newsletter

Dear Friends of NSA NYC,

Every speaker I know wants “change.” Some so badly– they even speak about it.

For many people change comes with fear and uncertainty. However, this doesn’t seem to be true for our community. I’m proud and grateful for the many messages, e-mails, phone calls, and personal feedback during the last weeks from members and guests who have shared their excitement about the many new initiatives the Board of Directors brought to life this year.

At our last chapter meeting, Jeanne M. Stafford gave participants just a little taste of how we are going to mix up our monthly chapter meetings to keep you informed, entertained and engaged at the same time. She has more changes in store for you and we can’t wait to see what she is planning next.

Lindsey Hayzlett hosted two sold-out masterclasses that now take place ONLINE and you can attend them conveniently from your home, from anywhere on the road, or simply watch the recording. Additional virtual programs will be launched very soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Marquesa Pettway, CSP  our chapter’s Certified Speaking Professionals came together and shared their advice with those who aspire to apply for this designation. At the beginning of next year, she and Diane DiResta, CSP  plan to host an exclusive CSP Thinktank event.

Phil M. Jones led the first Advanced Member Mastermind Group, forcing the ten participants to start, continue and stop doing just one thing to grow their businesses.

Robyn Hatcher enrolled nearly a dozen new students to Speaker University and put together an outstanding program with a new top-notch faculty.

President-Elect Jay Townsend made sure that all these new initiatives (and the responsibilities they come with) are documented properly in our newly updated Chapter Policies.

Vice President Corey Kupfer moved our financial systems into QuickBooks to make sure that with one click we can see if they are cost effective and help us stabilize the chapter financially.

Michelle Tillis Lederman, CSP is celebrating member #100. Our membership now includes many new faces – and with them come new ideas and new ways of looking at things.

However, one request we have heard again and again was to bring in speakers from “outside of NSA.” This month, we will be following through on this demand: You’ll have the opportunity to learn from a Hollywood Producer who uses the power of Social Media like no other and who will help us understand how we can better position ourselves and promote our businesses. To give you an impression of the unique person you are about to meet, please take just a few minutes to watch these short videos about Brant Pinvidic’s work:

Having someone from outside NSA teaching us valuable lessons, will yet again be a new experience for many of us. I’m confident it will be a great one, because as we say in France, “every pot needs to be replanted now and again if it’s going to grow.”

I hope to see you on October 12th, 2018. Please register today; walk-ins are not possible.

   In Service,
   Sylvie di Giusto, CSP 
President NSA NYC



Many coaches, authors, speakers, and consultants already are making use of Instagram as a tool in promoting their personal brands and engaging their audiences. The following apps can help you to stand out from the crowd and step up your Instagram game so your feeds and stories look even better, or are getting seen by more potential or existing followers.

  1. PLANOLY allows you to manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts and create a cohesive Instagram feed, plus manage multiple Instagram accounts in one.
  2. AUTOHASH uses AI to autogenerate hashtags for you by recognizing objects in your photos and providing relevant hashtags based on it.
  3. FOCALMARK is another hashtag generator that selects hashtags based on three key factors: the subject of your photo, the location and the camera used to take the photo.
  4. UNFOLD lets you create beautiful and engaging stories for Instagram (and also Snapchat and Facebook) with minimal yet easy-to-use templates and designs.
  5. PICFLOW creates 15 seconds slideshows from your photos, adds music to it and you can easily post the slideshow as a video on your feed.
  6. LEGEND lets you animate text and puts your words in motion. Perfect to create simple videos for your feed.
  7. LAYOUT is Instagram’s very own collage creator that allows you to choose photos from your camera roll and instantly see them laid out in various combinations.
  8. QUIK lets you chose your favorite photos and video clips and does its own magic afterward. Within seconds it adds transitions, effects, syncs to the beat of music and creates a video for you.
  9. RIPL is another app that makes it easy to create and share professional, eye-catching videos that stand out on Instagram. No design or editing skills required.
  10. INSHOT allows you to reformat any photos and videos to almost any size you desire, for example, squared for your Instagram feed.


Professional Speaker and NSA Member Shawna Suckow  recently launched her new book “Frankly Speaking” in cooperation with meeting planners Maralynn Adams , Tracey B Smith  and  Bonni Sofka Scepkowski  . The four authors came together with Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE  and discussed some of the insider secrets (MOST) meeting planners won’t share with speakers. Tune in as they reveal some of their top tips about standing out, getting the fee you deserve, and what to do to become a planner’s best friend at the event.

Frankly Speaking on Amazon