Key Takeaways from our October Chapter Event

Just when you think you know it all, you get presented with a fresh new take and suddenly you can see things in a whole new light.

Our amazing speaker, Brant Pindivic with NSA NYC President, Sylvie Di Giusto

The change to cool, crisp weather for the October NSA NY Chapter meeting foreshadowed more than just a change from summer to fall. If you weren’t one of the 84 who attended this meeting, you missed out on some incredible presentations that contained cool new perspectives as well.

Once again our Master of Ceremonies was Jeanne M. Stafford .Her enthusiasm and delivery continue to set the stage for each month’s meeting and set of guest speakers. Last Friday was no exception.

Our fearless Master of Ceremonies, Jeanne M. Stafford.

The incomparable Ramon Ray  led off and had 15 minutes to wow us with his primer on hosting and promoting your own speaking event. A short 16 minutes (but who’s counting) later we were whipped into a frenzy and sure that we too could host an event like Ramon’s upcoming; Smart Hustle Conference which is set for November 8th. Don’t waste time this event is selling out fast.

Ramon covered event topics like; finances, sponsors, agenda, marketing, and logistics. Ramon’s event is sure to pass the “sniff test” (you had to be there)! If you have visions of hosting your own event, there is no doubt that Ramon is the person to reach out to.

Next, our featured speaker Brant Pindivic  was introduced by none other than Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE , Chairman of the C-Suite Network. Just in case you hadn’t seen the meeting announcements, Brant Pinvidic is an award-winning Canadian-American documentary film director and television producer, best known for “Why I’m Not on Facebook,” Brant and his team have been the driving force behind a multitude of successful reality television hits including; The Biggest Loser, Bar Rescue and several Wives of…

Pitching numerous television projects during his long tenure in the broadcast media field, Brant has learned quite a few presentation tricks and methods that he shared during his hour plus on stage.

Brant showing NSA NYC how it’s done!

Our book-of-the-month presentation (Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows) was delivered by Michael O’Brien . This is Michael’s inspirational story that takes us from the day of his almost fateful accident and how’s he’s overcome tremendous obstacles to get to where he is today with a true appreciation for the beauty that can be found in everyday living.

An awesome presentation about our Book of the Month from Michael himself!

Finally, speaking of cold weather, don’t forget to bring an unused coat to our next meeting. We are working with Renee Rosenberg  andNew York Cares.

Next month’s featured speaker: Sarah Michel, CSP  is known for being an ‘Experience Architect’ who has been working in the meetings industry for over 15 years to create dynamic audience experiences.

See you soon,
Glenn Rudin  
Owner –  Always Been Creative
Sales & Marketing Consultant