Key Takeaways from our October 2019 Meeting

What is diversity?

According to Webster: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements:  VARIETY especially the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.

Every month when I attend NSA-NYC meetings I am struck by the diversity of our members and guests.  We come from different walks of life, we are from different cultures, we have unique business backgrounds and of course we have diverse opinions on the world around us.  Each of us has a different idea about what diversity is and how it plays a role in our lives each day. It’s what our meetings are all about.

This month’s guest speaker Lenora Billings-Harris, brought a whole new meaning about diversity to those of us lucky enough to be in attendance.  If you missed this performance you missed one of the best speakers our industry has and that is unfortunate for you.  More on Lenora’s words of wisdom shortly…

Jeanne M. Stafford emcees each of our meetings and brings her unique enthusiasm along with a very punctual organization.  NSA – NYC meetings run like clockwork thanks to Jeanne.  This week Jeanne asked us to consider what attendees of our presentations, consider the key takeaway points we are trying to get across.  This (monthly scramble) to open meetings has the dual purpose of waking us up and sharpening our awareness.

Thanks Jeanne!

Next, past President, Ron Karr provided invaluable advice on how to handle our selves and our lives in the event of a crisis.  Ron shared a very personal story about how he was able to manage through a terrible crisis he faced when his mother was involved in a very serious accident many years ago.

Did you know there are 3 key areas of crisis; a health crisis, an economic crisis and a crisis of confidence.

Ron’s advice:  You must try to remain calm regardless of the crisis you are faced with.  If you do not remain calm you may just make a desperate decision and not one based on the best path you should be taking.

Then try to follow the following steps:

  • Remove emotion – Try to ground yourself.
  • Figure out who is on your team of trusted advisors and reach out to them for advice.
  • Always have emergency funds at the ready. Make sure your insurances are reflective of the situations you might face.
  • Figure out the best outcomes for your crisis and work in this direction with a plan.

Now, back to Lenora and some of her tips for inclusion:

  • Spend time considering your audience well before the event you’ll be speaking at. This will allow you to customize your presentation and make it seem more tailored.
  • Everyone in your audience wants to belong or be a part of the group you are addressing. Find ways to include as many as possible to feel like they belong.
  • Get audience members to connect on your topic.
  • If possible use photos (preplan) of people you think might be in your audience. Lenora found lots of photos on-line of various members of NSA NYC and we appreciated it.
  • Learn local culture that your audience is familiar with and weave it into your presentation. Great examples include; local sports teams, local market areas of interest, weather, etc.  Read the local papers to immerse yourself into the environment before you ever get there.

Note, there were so many more tips but you really had to be in attendance to appreciate the genius of this speaker.

We took a few moments to recognize one of our key sponsors and photographer extraordinaire, John DeMato.  John shared some of the portfolio work he’s done for members of the chapter and the results were just fantastic.  If you are in need of photos that make you look larger than life you owe it to yourself to reach out to John.

Finally, we were treated to our monthly contribution (Townsend’s Tale) from our President, Jay Townsend.

This month Jay took us back to his teenage years when a difficult set of family circumstances led him to move into his grandmother’s home to help take care of her.  Rather than being a burden, Jay found out his grandmother was a wealth of knowledge and experience learned over a lifetime that he could tap into by just opening his ears and mind.  The time spent with his grandmother taught him invaluable lessons that Jay carries with him today.

Our monthly meetings are held at our new home… Serendipity Labs. The 2 & 3 trains stop right in their basement.  You don’t even need to go outside (It’s just 5 stops from Penn Station).

Don’t miss the next chapter meeting Friday November 8, once again at Serendipity Labs from 12:30 – 4:00 (28 Liberty Street, 6th floor), which will feature Scott Stratten.  If his highlight reel is anything close to the real thing we are in for a treat.  See you on the 8th!

See you soon,
Glenn Rudin  
Owner –  Always Been Creative
Sales & Marketing Consultant