Apply today for the Phil M. Jones
Speaking Business Mastermind Retreat

Limited to 12 attendees


November 28th 2023
9am – 9pm


Emerge 212
3 Columbus Circle,
New York, NY 10019

Your Investment

Inclusive of Lunch & Dinner
with Phil

You already know just how much of a difference just
one day can make to your life.

You have created moments for many others and despite your consistent successes in front of audiences are left wondering how you can step up to the next level.

Have you ever asked questions like…

  • What should I charge?
  • How should I position my topic?
  • Who should I approach?
  • What is missing from my brand assets?
  • How do I get booked at higher fees?
  • What do you do about contracts and deposits?
  • How do I better package my expertise?
  • What should I stop doing?

With over 15 years in the professional speaking business, experience of operating at multiple fee levels, in 59 countries and having been paid to present over 2500 times, Phil M. Jones has collected a vast amount of experience along the way.


“Phil has an uncanny ability to see business prospects that are right in front of you that you’ve been missing. This one day investment earned me an extra $12,500 this year and was well worth my time and energy. Plus, it was fun and interesting to learn what might work for everyone else in the room too. If your speaking business is already rolling and you’d like it to roll even better, this is a no brainer investment!”

– Cait Donovan, Keynote Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host, and Author

To help share that experience and provide an environment conducive for you to make practical and powerful changes to your speaking business, Phil is hosting a one-day immersive mastermind to help you gain clarity on the following essential areas:

  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Promotion

During this event do not expect a proven method, or Phil presenting his X-step formula to a 7 figure speaking business. Just the messy facilitation and practical action planning to help you achieve your own unique objectives. Bring your energy, your experience, your full attention and all your unanswered questions and let’s help you find clarity on your next steps.

The event is limited to just 12 attendees and all in attendance will all be established and experienced speakers and presenters.

Please note…
This is NOT an event to learn how to get started as a speaker
This IS an event to learn how to elevate your existing speaking business


“When I saw that Phil was offering this Mastermind for the NSA NYC members, I couldn’t apply fast enough. I had moved away and left the NYC chapter but I immediately re-registered just to ensure that I could apply. I knew the value would be worth the cost, but I was blown away by how much Phil exceeded my expectations. This was one of the best investments I’ve made in my speaking career, and I’m so grateful that NSA NYC offered it. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

– Heather Hansen, Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author