The Phil M. Jones Scholarship for Young Speakers

The Mission of the Phil M. Jones Scholarship is to recognize that the journey to build a business as a speaker starts early in life and can be long and challenging. This scholarship will serve to nurture a young entrepreneur and mentor them to successfully establish a business as a professional speaker, whilst also providing the association with increased perspective from this younger generation.

You can nominate a speaker with the following criteria:
• Between 18 and 25 years old
• A resident of the Five Boroughs of New York City
• They are embarking on a speaking career
• They would benefit from the financial support

The Scholarship Winner Will Receive:
An annual membership to the New York City Chapter of NSA which includes:
• Tickets to all in-person monthly meetings for one year
• Tickets to the Holiday Party and our June Annual Luncheon
• Tickets to the July Connect Event and August Summer Social
• An opportunity to participate in the monthly Author’s RoundTable
• An opportunity to join the monthly Speakers Mastermind
• Participate in monthly Masterclasses
• Be listed on the NSANYC Speaker Directory

In Addition, the Recipient Will Receive:
• Mentoring from Phil and fellow NSA NYC members

Nominations will open again in June 2023

Winner of the 2022 Phil M. Jones Scholarship for Young Speakers

Geraldin Noemis Diaz

Congratulations Geraldine! Welcome to NSA NYC

Geraldin is an in-demand motivational and inspirational public speaker, author, blogger, and content creator. She is the best-selling author of her book Reroute: Post Grad Guide to Success- Physically, Mentally, and Financially.

Geraldin motivates young adults to live the life they desire. Through her work, she helps young people realize their highest potential and seeks to lead them to greater levels of personal success.

Winner of the 2021 Phil M. Jones Scholarship for Young Speakers

Nora Del Rosario

NSANYC: Congratulations Nora! please tell us about yourself,

Nora: My name is Nora Del Rosario. I am a transwoman, a Filipina, a loving friend, a programmer, and an all-around nerd. I want people to think about their place in the world. How they are with their friends, family, and community. About their relationship to culture and society. About themselves with other people.

NSANYC: Why do you want to be a speaker?

Nora: I have a lot that I want to share, and I love speaking as a medium of communication. It grounds you in a way that other mediums do not. When you speak, it’s only you and the audience. No video editing, no one giving you directions in your ear. All you have is whatever is up in your head. And your audience is real people! Not pictures on twitter or a YouTube view count. It’s plain human-to-human communication.

NSANYC: What does this scholarship mean to you? 

Nora: It means opportunity and goodwill. NSA is full of opportunities. In only one month, I have met dozens of people and learned more about the speaking industry than over my whole career. With all the encouragement I’ve already gotten from other members, I feel ready to take on the world.

But I could only do that with the goodwill of others. This scholarship exists because one man wanted to help a promising young speaker. And he could only make that decision with the support of NSA’s community. It is through the goodwill of others that we are able to do something great.

I want to thank Phil Jones for creating this opportunity.


Phil M. Jones is a master of influence and persuasion – the author of the best-selling “Exactly” Book Series with over 1 million copies sold – producer of the “Most Listened To” non-fiction Audiobook of all time – a trusted advisor for some of the world’s biggest brands – and entrepreneur since the age of 14. On September 10, 2021, Phil M. Jones gave a gift to our chapter and the greater speaking community. Rather than accept the honorarium the chapter gives to guest speakers, Phil donated the honorarium back to the New York City chapter for a scholarship in his name.