Key Takeaways from our September 2019 Meeting

As always our emcee for the meeting was Jeanne M. Stafford.  Jeanne always has a pre-planned exercise to get us mingling with fellow attendees.  At this meeting we needed to find out what our exercise partners do on their website’s back-end to help move their speaking business forward.  These exercises have the dual function of getting to know someone new and to think on our feet.   They are also great way to get your heart pumping.

Lou Diamond was up next with this meeting’s Member Insights.

Lou offered up some of his best advice for engaging with your audience.  Some of Lou’s advice:

  • Do what you do best (stay in your lane).
  • Try to be present where your potential customers hang out.
  • Follow an industry leader like Seth Godin for great insights.

The meeting’s featured speaker, Crystal Washington CSP, joined us all the way from Houston, Texas.  We are very fortunate that our NSA NYC board is able to book tremendous speakers like this and we get to hear them up close and personal.

Crystal is a CSP and the most energetic and personable speaker you can imagine.  Her homespun versions of the “Crystal way” of doing things was so, so refreshing.  If you ever meet Crystal, don’t let her southern charm fool you. Crystal is a buttoned-up and systematized professional who came to share her behind-the-scenes methods and advice.  And share she did….

Crystal offered these pieces of advice, which she attributes to much of her success:

  1. Have a great topic (might seem obvious but…)
  2. Find a great mentor. Crystal’s mentor is: Karen McCullough
  3. Use systems wherever possible to streamline and make your processes more efficient. Any one appearance might have a to-do list that contains 20 – 30 action items.  Using systems will make this process more efficient and allow less to chance.
  4. Use the E-Speakers platform to advertise yourself, your topic and to be more efficient. For instance you can upload contracts, merge documents and just keep all of your key information organized in one place.
  5. Crystal utilizes the services of a temp to help her with the tasks that would take time away from her own selling and speaking.

The bottom line…Crystal advised us to invest in ourselves.  See Crystal’s website (listed above) for more great information.

If you weren’t aware, our new chapter President is Jay Townsend.  Each and every month Jay treats us to what has become; “The Townsend Tale” (a short story from Jay’s wonderful career as a professional speaker and successful political campaign builder).

For this month’s “tale” Jay took us all the way back to his childhood in rural Indiana.  This is where he grew up and had his first taste of public speaking as a member of his high school’s debate team during his freshmen year.  An embarrassing early performance on the debate team created a raging fire in Jay’s belly to become the very best debater he could.  Jay’s high school coach could see the talent that Jay had and wouldn’t let him settle for lesser debate team roles.

Jay’s advice; “Why not use your skills to help someone else who needs a helping hand?!”

Getting to hear Jay speak each month is worth the admission price all by itself!

Meeting are held at our new home… Serendipity Labs. The 2 & 3 trains stop right in their basement.  You don’t even need to go outside (It’s just 5 stops from Penn Station).

Don’t miss the next chapter meeting this Friday October 18, once again at Serendipity Labs from 12:30 – 4:00 (28 Liberty Street, 6th floor), which will feature Lenora Billings-Harris.

See you soon,
Glenn Rudin  
Owner –  Always Been Creative
Sales & Marketing Consultant