Key Takeaways from our 2019 Summer Social

Just imagine…

For a nominal fee: you could attend a meeting where you’d meet creative, like-minded individuals, who share your passion for public speaking, where you could hear some of the very best public speakers in the business and be inspired on a regular basis by the volunteers who run the NSA NYC Chapter.


You don’t have to imagine this.  You only need to begin attending NSA NYC meetings on a regular basis and your imagination could be nurtured by reality.  Even better, why not join this organization that holds some of the keys you need to unlock your public speaking potential.

NSA NYC’s recent “Summer Social” was no exception!  One after the other we were treated to some amazing examples of public speaking done by guests and some of our very own members.

The evening’s Master of Ceremonies, was the highly talented and most enthusiastic Jen Slaw who has dazzled us (in the past) with not only her speaking chops but also her wonderful, unique juggling skills.  Jen is always able to find a great connection between the art of juggling and public speaking (and on this night, time management).

We all even got to try our hands at juggling as a way of breaking the ice with new contacts we were sitting alongside in the audience. Don’t worry Jen your job is safe!

Once again we were treated to an (all too short) address by our new Chapter President Jay Townsend , who reminded us all that there is great camaraderie and help available throughout our chapter and its members.  Jay let us know that “No one achieves their success on their own, we all need help along the way.”  His point; come to meetings and find the help you need.

Feature speaker Karen Jacobson was next on the agenda and she did not disappoint us.  Karen’s “It’s never too late to re-calculate.” theme was driven home by her personal trials and tribulations that took her from Australia to New York back to Australia and back to New York again.  Karen’s touching story is a lesson in perseverance.  Karen who is a professional singer (as well as speaker) treated us to a powerful rendition of our National Anthem as well.

Thanks to a generous donation from the author, every attendee received a copy of  Phil Jones’s “Exactly What to Say” which contains great word development strategies for getting the most from the least amount of words.  On this night we were challenged to use the phrase “Just imagine” to lead our audiences on a journey of self-fulfillment.  You could see light bulbs going on around the room with great ideas about how to incorporate these magical words into our own presentations.

Next up was Kate O’Neil our featured speaker of the evening.  Kate is a master of the topic called “Tech Humanism”: How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences. From her website: “With so much emphasis in business on artificial intelligence, automation of various kinds, and digital transformation, the future of human work — and even humanity itself — can feel uncertain.

And while we often talk about user experience, customer experience, patient experience, and so on, we rarely consider what a truly integrated human experience might look and feel like.”  Kate stressed that we should marry business with humanity utilizing the latest technology available to create a better human experience for employees as well as customers.

See you soon,
Glenn Rudin  
Owner –  Always Been Creative
Sales & Marketing Consultant