Elevate 2020

Elevate: Harnessing Your Speaking Business

This year we are deep-diving into four different master-mind workshop topics to open up the
possibilities to grow your speaking business. You can apply to one or all of them. Space is limited as we
can only accommodate nine people in each program, so get your application in soon. The program will
not be available on video.

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Build Your Speaking Business to Global Relevance with Kate O’Neill

The purpose of this mastermind is to help its members build their speaking businesses to have global relevance. That may mean lots of international travel, when and where that’s possible, but more broadly it means having a message that is relevant worldwide and that resonates beyond the U.S., resulting in global clients, global press coverage, and global considerations within our work. Over 8-10 weeks, we’ll discuss some of the challenges in building truly international businesses, and develop plans and actionable strategies for building our presence as professional speakers who work with companies and organizations around the world.

Book Writing & Publishing with Ralph Peterson

In this Elevate, you will learn:

  • How to write a book: Includes structure, length, chapter set up, introduction, word count, as well as who to write to and what to write about.
  • How to publish your book: There is a common misconception in the book publishing world – most people believe there are only two paths: Traditional publishing and Self-publishing. Although these are both great options, there is a third option that is even better – we will discuss them all in detail.
  • How to promote and market your book: Writing a book and even publishing a book isn’t enough. You have to be able to sell your book. We will discuss all the ways you can market your book, from traditional marketing to guerilla marketing tactics and I will share the magic formula on how to gain #1 status on Amazon.

Create Big Events That Get Big Sponsors with Ramon Ray

This Elevate will have three focus areas:

Speakers and Agenda: What kind of agenda and speakers should you build to have a desirable event. What kind of speakers should you look for? How to craft agenda name titles?

Event Logistics: How should your event look and feel? How to best market the event for as little budget as possible? How to go beyond just a “Zoom” meeting.

Sponsors: Now that you’ve crafted a desirable event what are some ways you can identify and connect with sponsors who might want to be a part of your event. What are some things a sponsor might want?

How To Get Paid Speaking To Colleges/Universities with Tom Krieglstein

The college market is a massive, lesser-known, market for professional speakers. Many speakers make well over $500k per year speaking to students about a variety of topics. Knowing what sells, who to sell it to, and how to deliver it are the keys to becoming a successful college speaker.

In this Elevate session you’ll learn:

  • What topics sell best for the college market,
  • Who are the buyers at the schools,
  • How speaking to students is different than speaking to adults.