Who is it for?

Emerging and current professional speakers, trainers, solopreneurs, and business owners ready to turbocharge their careers and income.

How does it work?

Speaker University graduates become valuable members of the NSA community!

Online Learning Core Curriculum

The 10-module online course focuses on the foundational elements you need to build a successful speaking business.

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When you login to the course, powered by Edulence (Knowledgelink), you will immediately be able to access your learning modules. Your online curriculum includes instructional videos, informative readings, interviews with top speakers, interactive quizzes, practicable exercises and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers you to study at your own pace.

Although you study online, you won’t be alone. You’ll be with a cohort of like-minded professionals whom you will work with in-person and online throughout the program. Additionally, you will have access to highly regarded professional members with specific expertise in the module topics as well as the Speaker University deans who will be available to answer questions in the Facebook group and via email.

Business Building & Performance Boot Camps (and Showcase)

Boot Camp One: Topic Development & Business Building

In this one-day boot camp you will focus on evaluating your expertise, credibility and passion in order to refine your topic, identify your audience and understand what they need to know. You will also examine your target market and hone your benefit-rich sales approach, and evaluate your marketing materials and online presence.

Boot Camp Two: Performance, Delivery & Showcase

Upon completion of the curriculum, you will take part in a two day deep-dive intensive where you’ll work to craft and fine-tune your presentation. You will get repeated opportunities to present, with video and verbal feedback, and you will walk away with a clearly defined message, new insights on how to connect with and impact your audience, and professional video footage to market your speaking business.

Presentation Skills Workshop

An opportunity for you to practice your presentation skills, get tips and feedback on body language, vocal tone and presence and increase your confidence in presenting to a live audience.

What is your investment?

Your investment for the entire program is $1997

Now $1497* – Two and three-part payment plans available.

*In light of the unprecedented events going on in our world, NSA-NYC wants to do all that it can to address the needs of our community and the economic decisions you may be making. One of the changes we are instituting is a reduction to our Speaker University tuition. Speaker University is a phenomenal program that has changed the lives and careers of its participants and we don’t want anyone to let price stand in their way of joining us. We are rolling back the price but have no intentions of rolling back our content or our value. We hope you will join us!

Tuition includes:

  • Access to the comprehensive online 10-module course
  • Receive feedback and coaching from faculty members and professional speech coaches
  • Three days of in-person boot camps

  • One in-person workshop
  • Professional video of your 5-minute presentation
  • Complimentary admission to all chapter meetings in the coming year
  • Relationship opportunities with professional speakers who will mentor and refer you (priceless)

Why Join Speaker University ?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends”

Ben Franklin


1. Learn from successful professional speakers

2. Receive individualized coaching from a personal mentor and professional speech coaches

3. Learn how to better structure a keynote, training, breakout session and/or workshop

4. Work on your speaking performance and platform skills; craft and fine-tune your keynote;record and receive valuable feedback on your presentation.

5. Create a demo video to market your speaking business

6. Become a better storyteller (a critical skill in all speaking)

7. Integrate more humor, experiential exercises and engagement into your presentations

8. Cultivate a network of like-minded colleagues to problem-solve, brainstorm, and support each other throughout the program

9. Build skills you can apply in many aspects of your professional and personal lives

10. Create new and exciting revenue streams

If you have a story to tell, expertise to share and/or a desire to make a difference with your message, take the first step by completing the application below. A faculty member will contact you within 48 hours to answer any questions you have and help you decide if Speaker University is right for you.

Apply Today!

What former Speaker University Members have to say

“If you’re an aspiring speaker, the NSA NYC Speaker University is a must. We heard from a wide range of expert speakers who generously shared their personal and professional experiences first-hand. Between our teachers, our course leaders and my fellow University students, I came away from the course feeling that I had my own personal cheering section, rooting me on to success as a professional speaker. I highly recommend this course.”

Ann Bingley Gallops
“The NSA NYC Speaker University has been an important investment in my speaking business. The materials are outstanding and the workshops are presented by leaders in the speaking business. There is ample opportunity to develop and practice all of the elements you need to launch a successful speaking platform. Aspiring speakers who haven’t yet identified their topic to those who are ready-to-go will all gain valuable information and advice from the workshop presenters and mentors who are part of this program. I highly recommend the NSA NYC Speaker University.”

Jeff Chapski
Career Skills Coach & Author Career-ology
“The NSA NYC Speaker University was a valuable experience. It is a step-by-step blueprint for establishing a speaking business. Ten sessions culminate in a speaker showcase in front of the chapter’s professional members.  I highly recommend the Speaker University. It was worth every penny I spent.”

Deborah Ludwig
“In my opinion the greatest strength of the academy is its mentor relationship.  I’m literally blown away by the willingness of professional speakers to take the time to mentor someone new to the business.  Each mentor that I have been fortunate enough to work with has opened my eyes to new possibilities and guided me toward groups or individuals that would be helpful to me as I pursue my goals.”

Linda Cornigans
“The NSA NYC Speaker University 2014 provided me with valuable insight into the framework required for professional speaking in the United States. Whether you are new to speaking or already an experienced speaker, the NSA NY Speaker University connects you with other professional speakers at all levels in the tri-state area. It offers you both support and accountability in a business that largely relies on self-motivation.”

Krysia Woods
“My participation in the Speakers’ University is shaving years off my learning curve, saving me from making painful mistakes, and bringing me joy by introducing me to scores of new friends and colleagues. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering a career as a professional speaker.”

I found the Speakers U was an extremely good investment of both time and money.  If your business is going be centered around or contain public speaking, this was an enormously valuable resource. The sessions, materials and boot camps all brought useful tools for being in the speaking business. Not to mention the professors and contributors. I definitely recommend this program.”

Edwin P. Baldry
Co-Founder, CEO. EPBComms, LLC
“The speaker university program is unbelievable,  the expert guidance, tools, and mentorship from exceptional and successful speakers was much more than I expected. I went in with just a notion on what I want to speak on and came out ready to hit the stage. The encouragement and honesty is refreshing and the relationships that flourish is another bonus. Thank you Speaker University.

“A smart,  focused, fast-paced course that gets you up to speed with the tools you need to launch your professional speaking business. You can learn from your mistakes, or you take this course and skip 'em altogether.

Angela Cason
“Speaker U truly helped me find my voice. I reaped the benefits of Speaker U through intensive bootcamps, online webinars, and a great network of experienced professionals who served as mentors in the program. The staff provides a highly-motivated and supportive environment for emerging and current speakers to improve their businesses, while offering constructive criticism throughout the entire process.

“Speaker University is a superbly supportive environment where mentors and colleagues spark "Eureka!" moments with their wonderfully cogent insights. I learned to think very differently about how to frame my message and organize content. These changes helped transform a message I'm passionate about into moving and memorable presentations for my audiences.

Chaplain Elizabeth J. Berger, MS, APBCC
Narrative Medicine Specialist
I was already a well-known speaker in Ukraine with a very high appraisal from event managers, CEOs and business owners but I felt that it was only due to my natural charisma and passion around transforming the mindset of executives about clients and employees. I did want to become professional in it. I set a goal of no less than becoming a Hall of Fame speaker, so I started to research the subject and found out what letters CSP mean and who can become a Certified Speaker Professional and how. That's how I found @NSA NYC and applied to Speakers University. Yes, I traveled back and forth from Kyiv to NYC 4 times in a year to physically attend the boot camps with major speakers as our tutors and mentors. Yes, I had to completely tear down the walls of 'I've done this million times" in my mind and to start over from scratch. Yes, I have tens of notebooks with unborn speeches and yes, I felt I was going to faint before my last speech.”

Anastasia Vladychynska
“Because of Speaker U, I feel equipped and empowered to step out as a professional speaker. I’ve always recognized that speaking would add credibility to my existing business and now I see a path to making that a reality. Thank you for your tireless effort and immense support along the way!

Andrea Freeman