I was already a well-known speaker in Ukraine with a very high appraisal from event managers, CEOs and business owners but I felt that it was only due to my natural charisma and passion around transforming the mindset of executives about clients and employees. I did want to become professional in it. I set a goal of no less than becoming a Hall of Fame speaker, so I started to research the subject and found out what letters CSP mean and who can become a Certified Speaker Professional and how.

That’s how I found @NSA NYC and applied to Speakers University. Yes, I traveled back and forth from Kyiv to NYC 4 times in a year to physically attend the boot camps with major speakers as our tutors and mentors. Yes, I had to completely tear down the walls of ‘I’ve done this million times” in my mind and to start over from scratch. Yes, I have tens of notebooks with unborn speeches and yes, I felt I was going to faint before my last speech.”