2024 Storytelling Competition Form

You MUST be a member of NSA NYC to enter our Storytelling Competition for the chance to speak from the stage at the biggest NSA National Event, INFLUENCE, happening in Denver, August 3 to 6, 2024. New deadline, February 8th, to send in a 5-minute storytelling video. Once your 5-minute video (and not a SECOND longer or you’ll be disqualified!) is in, our panel of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) judges will review them and choose 3 winners to speak at our March Chapter Meeting! One of those lucky 3 will be chosen the champion at our March 15th Chapter Meeting, and their video will be sent to the Regional Competition by April 12th. A separate set of CSP judges will review the regional level videos and choose 1 stand-out, amazing video - and that person gets to share from the stage at Influence in August!    
Record a 5 minute video. Upload the video to your preferred channel (Vimeo, Youtube, Loom, etc) and paste the link to your video in the box above.

Any questions or doubts email NSA NYC by February 8th at admin@nsanyc.org

NSA Chapter membership is required to participate.
NSA Speaker Hall of Fame/CPAE Recipients are considered “Elite Speakers” and do not qualify to compete. This event is for mainstream and aspiring/professional speakers only. Elite-level speakers will be called upon to act as Judges and Mentors at various stages of the competition. Chapter-Level judge selection is at the discretion of the chapter leadership team but encouraged to include elite-level speakers on their panel of judges.
The National Champion is not eligible to compete in the competition in subsequent years – You can only WIN the competition once.
All Due Dates and Deadlines, Chapter, Regional and National, are non-negotiable and firm. No exceptions. Failure to comply could result in disqualification.
A participant can only compete once per year (one Chapter event only – not multiple Chapter competitions). This rule is applicable for anyone who is a member of multiple Chapters.
A participant cannot change their primary storyline. The story that is used at ChapterEntry Level must be the story used at Regional and National Level. The general story can be enhanced based on feedback/coaching received during Mentor Sessions, but the story at large must remain the same.
Final scores and Champion selections made by the selected Judging Panel at all levels are conclusive and indisputable.

For a copy of the full Rules, Regulations, and FAQ’s, https://nsaspeaker.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Rules-Regulations-FAQs.pdf